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Bridgeport JA Quill Master Attachment w/ QRA Right Angle Milling Attachment

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Excellent Condition This is a Bridgeport JA Quillmaster Attachment w/ QRA Right Angle Milling Attachment. Model #'s: JA & QRA FEATURES: To supplement the right-angle attachments listed elsewhere, Bridgeport has developed the Quillmaster attachment for use with the models M, T and J heads. The spindle housing swivels on a plane which is at a 45 degree angle to the Quillmaster's axis. This allows the "business end" of the Quillmaster to operate in any compound angle from vertical to horizontal. Any corner with a small radius can be finish milled or cherried to a degree of sharpness not possible by a my other method. For tool and die work the Quillmaster is a must. Moreover, its high speed allows the use of small end mills. Bridgeport's QRA attachment is a further expansion of the advantages of the Quillmaster. By providing a right-angle attachment for the Quillmaster, we have given the tool and die maker the last word in convenience and flexibility. The QRA itself can operate in a confined space or hole only 2 inches in diameter, and can operate effectively within 1/2 inch of the wall of the workpiece. It operates with equal ease on the inside or outside of irregularly shaped pieces or castings and is more accurate and sensitive than a dentist's drill. The QRA attachment is a self contained unit, containing permanently lubricated bearings and gear housing. SPECIFICATIONS: Tool Capacity: 3/16" Head Swivel: 45 - 0 - 45 degrees Spindle Drive: 1/2" Mounting Collar Diameter: 3-3/8'' Overall Dimensions: 4'' x 8'' x 5-3/4'' high ** Mounting Collar does have a weld spot repair. That is why it is priced where it is.**

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