Marvel Model 8-Mark II Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw

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Marvel Model 8-Mark II, Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw.


Excellent condition.  Cycled and tested by authorized Marvel dealer.   Guaranteed to be in good working condition.

1995 Marvel Series 8 Mark-II

Tilt Frame Band saw



Capacity:  Blade at 90°:  18” (457 mm) Horizontal, 22” (560 mm) Vertical;

Capacity:  Blade at 45°:  18” (457 mm) Horizontal, 12.75” (324 mm) Vertical.

Speed Range:  50 – 450 fpm (15 – 137 m/min) infinitely variable speed drive system.

Front-Mounted Speed Control:  Allows blade speed to be adjusted from operator’s control station.

Feed Range:  0 – 140 lbs. (64 kgf) infinitely variable direct reading scale balance beam.

T-Slotted Work Table:  Work area 24.25” x 33” (616 mm x 838 mm); table height 34.5” (876 mm);four machined T-slots accept .625” (15.5 mm) T-Bolts.

Miter Cutting:  Column and blade tilt up to 45° right and left of vertical; work always stationary. 

Quick-Action Vise:  Maximum opening 20” (508 mm).  Jaws can be shifted to either 

right or left side of blade. Jaws are 6” (152 mm) high, 12” (305 mm) wide.

Automatic Stops:  Adjustable stops can be pre-set to stop advance and return of blade and to stop motor at any location within the 18” (457 mm) travel of the blade.

Coolant System:  Built in with Flood system

Flushing Hose:   Washes chips from hard-to-get-at places reducing clean-up time.

Carbide Guide System:  Guides are stationary and can be radially adjusted to present new guiding surface to the blade.

Blade:  14' 6" (4420 mm) long x 1" (25 mm) wide, .035" (89 mm) thick. 

Motors:  Main: 3 H.P.  1  Coolant Pump: 1/8 H.P.

Controls:  IEC fused disconnect switch and magnetic motor starters, with overload and low-voltage protection.

TERMS: Cash Prior to Shipment


FOB: Greenwood, IN

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