Welcome to the Tooling Emporium. The Tooling Emporium offers for sale quality used work holding, cutting tools, measuring instruments, machine tooling accessories, small used machinery, and more. Our staff travels the country in search of quality used tooling and accessories at the best prices. You can save money and buy used machine tooling here right from your desktop and have it shipped directly to you. We purchase only high quality used machine tooling and have the expertise to catalog and offer these items at the best values in the used market.

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It is our mission at the Tooling Emporium to provide our customers with the cost saving benefits of buying used machine tooling easily online at the best prices shipped directly to you.

We offer many hard to find used tooling and accessories for machine tools of all types including spindle tooling, cutting tools, work holding, and all types of machine tool accessories. Our product selection covers a wide range of brands of all types of used tooling and accessories for machines tools at fractions of the cost of new.

Buy used work holding items such as angle plates, dividing heads, lathe tooling, rotary tables, setup & V-Blocks, sine plates, super spacers, tables & fixtures, tombstones, or vises or chucks, chuck jaws, face plate jaws, collet chucks, drill chucks, boring mill jaws, magnetic chucks, manual chucks, adapter plates, power chucks, and more with the click of your mouse.

Browse through our large selection of used cutting tools, milling cutters, broaches, counter bores, drills, end mills, boring bars, indexable tooling, keyway cutters, carbide inserts, and reamers, for your job.

We also carry an extensive selection of tool holding such as boring & facing heads, various lathe tooling, and rotary tool holders.

If your company is in need of measuring instruments, we have height gages, micrometers, bore gages, and more.

Our inventory of rotary tables, steady rests, and right angle heads, on Tooling Emporium, changes daily and new items are constantly being added.

The Tooling Emporium founder, Denis Frankenberger, was a pioneer in the used machinery business in the United States. As former CEO and President of Advance Machinery in Louisville, Kentucky he took his company to the next level by recognizing the need for quality used machine tools and tooling.

Utilizing that same expertise, the Tooling Emporium will be your number one source for the critical used machine tooling that your company needs for that particular job at the very best prices.

If your company has a need for a specific used machine or machine tooling part for work holding, cutting tools, measuring, and do not find it for sale on our website currently, please contact us at 502.802.4008 or email the Tooling Emporium by clicking here.

We will be happy to try and locate the tooling you need at the best price available and notify you.

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